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Koerner Camera Systems | Press Release | 2022 PNW Lens Summit

Years of compiling events columns helps me write press releases that are clear, compelling, and win coverage. This press release for the 2022 PNW Lens Summit resulted in spotlights from British Cinematographer, Film & Digital Times, and ProVideo Coalition.

Crafting Quotes

In addition to key event details, this press release includes quotes drafted by me and revised by the featured persons. I've found this to be an effective approach to getting press-worthy quotes from important people with little or no time to spare.

Taking the First Attempt

Drafting the first version so others can respond is actually a technique I use very frequently in creative production. Once there's something to react to, it's amazing how fast people can go from "I don't know" or "I don't care" to having a lot to say!

Press Release

Press Release_ 2022 PNW Lens Summit
Download PDF • 648KB

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