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Oregon Media Production Association | Web Development

Difficulty: Hard • Programs: Neon CRM, WordPress, Basecamp, proprietary directory database • Coding: HTML, CSS

General Website Development

I overhauled enough that some people thought it was a brand new site! We got partway through a redesign & development with a vendor in 2019. We had all the design mockups for our new site, a brand new logo, and fresh messaging. The relationship ended before we could finish. And then a pandemic hit...

However, there were still a lot of important things we wanted to do with our platform!

2021 Legislative Session Advocacy

Throughout the first half of 2021, we ran advocacy campaigns to engage our membership. After our toughest legislative session yet, we passed 3 laws!

Black Creators Homepage Takeover

In June of 2021, we developed a campaign that felt like a meaningful part of our internal equity work. The whole thing came together in a matter of 3 weeks from submissions to debut. We put on a Black Creators Homepage Takeover for a week to spotlight local talent. Trying to do everyone's work justice was a challenge! I had no idea what kind of submissions we would get. I spent all week making improvements and fixing mistakes. (Plus, I produced all of email and social marketing around all of this!)

Project Gallery

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