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Ritter Insurance Marketing | 2D Animated Video | Medicare 101

I wrote the script and helped develop the storyboard for this Medicare 101 video, which won Ritter two awards.


2017 AVA Digital Award, Motion Graphics Explanation

2018 German Design Award, Excellent Communications Design—Audiovisual

Creative Process

Our team's first attempt at this video relied entirely on stock photography for the visual component. The script was thorough, but clunky. When we presented our progress to the higher-ups in our marketing department, they basically hated it and asked us to start over. The script was too complicated, the visuals weren't engaging, and they didn't like the overall stuffy tone of the video. The company wanted something more exciting and completely different.

Although it was difficult to hear the negative feedback after working so hard on the first draft, we're actually lucky that's how the presentation went. We started over, and our revised video won the Gold Award for Motion Graphics Explanation in the 2017 AVA Digital Awards. I spearheaded the script and assisted in developing the storyboards.

Project Gallery

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