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Ritter Insurance Marketing | SaaS | Medicareful

Marketing SaaS is often as simple as showing prospective customers exactly how you'll save them time and eliminate confusion. Product demos should essentially speak for themselves.

Healthcare is an ideal market for SaaS because of the huge legal risks involved in not maintaining government compliance. Whether it's how you talk to your clients or how you present your services, there are a lot of places things can go wrong. Software with compliance considerations built in becomes a no-brainer for those in the industry.


Medicareful is a turnkey website solution for CMS-compliant client prospecting. Ritter launched this “software as a service” tool while I was employed as a Copywriter. It combines Permission to Contact and Electronic Scope of Appointment for simple, streamlined appointments. Agents can easily add their own branding and contact information while the rest of the site remains unchanged.

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