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Ritter Insurance Marketing | Web Development | Agent Survival Guide

In this project at Ritter, the Creative and Web Development teams collaborated to transform the Agent Survival Guide website from a quarterly issue to a daily blog, involving a content audit, SEO-refreshed posts, feedback analysis, an email campaign targeting existing contacts and forum participants, and the introduction of infographics, with a focus on monitoring new content performance.

Difficulty: Medium • Programs: Github, Basecamp • Coding: Markdown, HTML

During my time at Ritter, the Creative team worked with our in-house Web Development team to redo the Agent Survival Guide website. The redesign included transitioning from a quarterly issue format to a daily blog.

We first performed a content audit to determine our top tags and categories. (This later informed the site's search function.) As a Copywriter, I helped refresh popular posts with the latest SEO strategies. We also analyzed feedback from agent surveys, our Agent Advisory Board, and in-house sales people to generate new ideas.

The email campaign for the relaunch used Ritter's existing contact list to target potential subscribers. We also integrated participants from our forum and followers of another Ritter site. We monitored analytics after launch, focusing on performance of new content types... This is when I brought infographics to Ritter!

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