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Project Management

I’m an adept project manager for creative endeavors such as blog posts, graphic assets, and animated videos, as well as producing events. Some common responsibilities include: 

  • Liaising with clients and relaying feedback to team

  • Managing timelines and expectations

  • Creating master checklists and assigning tasks

  • Tracking payments and budgets

  • Facilitating meetings (e.g. invites, agenda, follow up)

  • Ensuring approval from all relevant stakeholders

  • Securing all necessary resources, vendors, personnel, etc.

  • Proactively addressing legal and compliance concerns

  • Managing access to project assets, resources, and info

  • Drafting run-of-show documents for live events

Website Development

  • Achieving desired appearance and functions through a combination of coding, APIs, widgets, and plug-ins. 

    • Languages: HTML, CSS, markdown

    • Software: WordPress, Shopify, Wix, GitHub, Drupal

  • Conducting content audits

  • Applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics

    • Site structure

    • Keywords

    • Alt-image text

  • Perfecting responsive designs

  • Migrating multiple owned sites to one URL

  • QA testing and bug reporting

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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Internal DEI efforts
  • Establish a DEI Committee

  • Hire DEI-focused business strategist to facilitate organizational change

  • Diversify board of directors through targeted nominations

  • Provide option to donate specifically to DEI programs

  • Offer $0 “accessible” membership option

Industry-wide DEI Initiatives
  • Community Events: Creatives of Color Collaborative, COCO

  • Legislation: Oregon House Bill 3010 (passed 2021)

  • Directory: option to self-identify and search by traits

  • Job Placement: Pathways Program

Political Advocacy

  • Hire dedicated lobbyist, political strategist, and advocacy director

  • Facilitate, targeted meetings between legislators and constituents

  • Provide testimony at bill hearings

  • Develop voter education: Candidate surveys, Q&A events, ballot parties

  • Spearhead letter-writing campaigns and provide template

  • Lead hashtag campaign on social media

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Social Media

These are some engaging social media strategies I’ve used to foster community and grow brand presence:

  • Owned Hashtags: Promote unique hashtags to raise brand awareness and build community

  • Member Spotlights: Highlight contributors and leverage testimonials to build authenticity and show humanity

  • Giveaways: Increase engagement, attract news followers, and reward your community

  • Paid Ads: Expand reach and target specific customer segments

  • Newsletter Integration: Cross-promote social media content and encourage followers to engage on multiple platforms

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