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Political Advocacy

As Communications Manager for the Oregon Media Production Association from 2018–2021, I worked closely with local film offices and union chapters on various creative-industry advocacy campaigns. I played a key role in: crafting the communications that called our members to engage in our advocacy work; building the online systems for people to participate through; and keeping the community informed of our progress. Some of our biggest efforts and accomplishments are detailed below.

HB 3010


HB3010 was a grassroots effort by local creatives to integrate Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) principles into the requirements for utilizing Oregon's film-incentive program.

Tax Credits

Oregon's film incentive programs are funded by an annual tax-credit auction, which any state taxpayer can participate in. OMPA is a primary marketer of the auction to our local industry, helping our members benefit and save money on both sides of the program.

HB 3244


HB3244 improves Oregon's marketability as a filming destination by increasing the cap on incentive-fund availability from $14 million to $20 million.

COVID-19 Protocols

OMPA worked with local film offices, unions, and industry members to help Oregon's media-production community return to work quickly and safely during the pandemic. As a catalyst industry, media drives business for restaurants, retail, hotels, and tourism.

SB 43


SB43 extended the Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF) program for six more years, meaning the state will continue allowing taxes to be diverted from the state's general fund.

Portland Film Office

OMPA enacted a successful breaking-news effort to rally Oregon's film community and save the Portland Film Office from being cut, as was proposed in the Governor's 2020 state budget. We protected a vital resource for local and visiting productions.

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