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Drag-On Group | Logo & Merch | Shopify, Amazon

As an all-purpose member of Drag-On Group, I've had the freedom to design a variety of merch, including clothing, accessories, and home goods.

Original Concepts

Camping: It's Like Practice for the Apocalypse

This design came together from three stock graphics, plus additional hand-drawn and edited elements. For example, the starry sky and tent door were added in PhotoShop. The original tent flaps on the stock graphic were too reminiscent of female genitalia, which is why I redrew and simplified it. Immature? Maybe. But avoiding distractions matters.


I Never Quit, I Get Fired

After testing out the full-color design on a lightweight hoodie, Drag-On's founder decided he wanted an even more simplistic design—one that looked hand-drawn. The award/ribbon in this graphic was developed in PhotoShop, with the black-and-white version using an Adobe Illustrator effect to create the sketched look.


Lost Lake

This original illustration was inspired by real-life time spent at Oregon's Lost Lake Resort & Campground, combined with popular designs in the same genre of location-based souvenirs.


Logo Evolution

Drag-On Group's original logo featured a tree line on both "wings" of the design. Per the founder's request, I transformed one side into a unique city skyline (not traced or replicated). I also ended up completely replacing the initial tree line, which had been irreparably deteriorated from the provided JPEG.

After initially developing the logo in PhotoShop, I converted the graphic to an Illustrator file for cleaner lines and a broader range of uses. I used Adobe Illustrator's Image Trace feature to better define the cityscape so the buildings could be manually straightened.

Project Gallery

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